The Information we have gathered from various sources:

1. A letter to health practitioners from the Natural Health Alliance

Right now we have a serious crisis on our hands. The regulations, if not repealed or amended, will effectively eliminate 65-80% of all natural products. The products that will remain will in all likelihood be basic health store products which will be considerably more expensive due to the costs of complying with the new regulations.

Bernard Brom 
Co- Chairman of SASIM

Chairman of the Natural Health Alliance

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2. Petition on Facebook: 

South African Minister of Health: Stop the Crackdown on Natural Health products.

South Africans deserve freedom of choice about the medicine they prefer to take. The new regulations put out by the MCC will mean that 85% of all natural medicines will disappear from the market place, thousands of people will be out of work and the economy will lose millions. We will have the most stringent and highly regulated natural health industry in the world. 
This move by the MCC is unconstitutional and denies the South African people the right to freedom of choice and access to natural medicines.


3. An email from Dr Louis Mullinder, Registrar: 
Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

New Complementary Medicines Regulations: The AHPCSA broadly welcomes the new Regulations to the Medicines Act (Act 101) as a means for ensuring quality and safety of complementary medicine products in South Africa. We are currently seeking clarification on some technical points from the MCC, including the interpretation of the definition for complementary medicines, scheduling and the status of certain 'health products'. We will be working with the Department of Health and the MCC to ensure that our registered practitioners and therapists maintain or regain access to certain medicines based on their scopes of practice and education and training. Much misinformation about the purpose and effects of the new regulations is currently in circulation and it is apparent that many people have simply not read or understood the Regulations or the accompanying explanatory QSE Guidelines (which are linked below for your information or available from the MCC website Registered Practitioners and Therapists should be aware that any support for contrary positions would be in direct contradiction to the AHPCSA's position. Should anyone have any concerns about the effects of the new regulations on their practices or access to medicines, they should please contact the Chairperson of AHPCSA, Dr Craig Wright, through the office of the Registrar or approach their respective Professional Associations.
  • Complementary Medicines - Quality, Safety, and Efficacy CLICK HERE
  • CAMs Regulations CLICK HERE
  • Fees Payable to The Registrar for Complementary Medicines CLICK HERE
  • Roadmap for Registration of Complementary Medicines CLICK HERE

4. Comment from an alternative doctor

This is purely a drive from the western fraternity so that they can prescribe our drugs. And why should they be able to? Why should our drugs not undergo the same scrutiny as pharmaceuticals.  We all want to be taken seriously but yet the laws must be bent with us.... I don't agree.  Regulating is not simply about labeling ingredients, it's a about clinical trials proving what the medicines are claiming.  This is only a great thing for us, as our medicines will be taken seriously and not regarded as a joke.
Any yes people will have to go to alternative doctors for a proper diagnosis, prescription and treatment, so the natural med doctors will start to become busy again which is great, and the medicines will be prescribed correctly and hense patients will benefit from the correct treatment. How may times patients of mine have incorrectly diagnosed themselves in health stores and then claimed the medicine we use doesn't work.  I think we need to look at the big picture here, and realize they are preying on our fear for their own personal gain.  Dr Danny Pillay had meetings all across SA, he is head of the homeopathic association of South Africa, explaining the detrimental effects that this could have for all of our careers.  If they pass this we could potentially all become redundant.  If you want to know more of what's going on in government with these regulations he is a great person to email.

5. The Health Products Association of South Africa is taking the Minister of Health to the High Court.

Background: For more than 25 years, the HPA has been requesting an appropriate regulatory framework for the health products industry and our products [CAMS]. We fully support the objectives of appropriate and reasonable standards for safety, quality and efficacy. A solution and way forward was accepted by our regulators as far back as the 1990s. Draft regulations were published in 2004, 2008 and 2011 but not promulgated. Extensive, comprehensive consistent comments were submitted by the HPA in respect of all these draft regulations. Countless meetings took place. The Department of Health and Medicines Control Council have never given an indication that they would deviate from the proposed and accepted solutions to problem. Read what happened: CLICK HERE

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